Abadi announce the agreement with the province to liberate Mosul mechanism and calls to stay away from politicizing the question ministers [Extended]
Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, announced an agreement with the Kurdistan region to liberate the city of Mosul mechanism "calling on the House of Representatives to: stay away from politicization in question ministers."
Ebadi said in a press conference after the cabinet meeting on Tuesday "we are still continuing liberalization of Mosul, and we agreed on a mechanism with the Kurdistan region , the process of liberation" and revealed "Naming a local commander of a crowd of Nineveh."
He pointed out that "there are some want to disrupt Mseeratna not liberate Mosul and ask the political blocs to stand with us ", he underlined that" the liberation of Qayyarah step to liberate Mosul. "
he pointed Abadi , that" he will amend the draft of the amnesty law in two paragraphs of kidnapping and crimes of terrorism , "noting that" the abduction live a crime and can not be the inclusion of the perpetrators of the amnesty law . "
he said the " Council of Ministers voted on the draft 2017 budget , "pointing out that" for the first time complete the budget before dating two months later and Snrfha soon to the House of Representatives. "
he Abadi expressed the hope that" the parliament acknowledges the current world balance quickly, "he said . " budget austerity and work to discuss the priorities of government spending. "
He advised Abadi MP who withholds his duties well resign, pointing to" a timetable for the return of displaced families to Saqlawiyah and vine and Fallujah. "
He pointed Abadi , that " the government is calculating the value of oil source for the allocation of the share of the Kurdistan region ", he underlined that" with the freeze on oil production in the OPEC to curb the collapse of the economies of producing countries , "noting" We are beginning steps to expand the budget resources , along with oil. "
he revealed that he would " present a cabinet reshuffle including the candidate and the Ministry of defense and the Interior after the feast will be discussed the reshuffle with blocks political , "and urged the judiciary and public prosecution to be resolute in the fight against corruption."
He stressed that "hit Daesh in Syria in the interest of Iraq, he underlined his article there are not foreign troops on Iraqi soil.