National product reduces the leak of hard currency

8/30/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
Collect economists on the need for national product support, and to provide protection against the counterpart imported, to achieve sustainable economic development, maintain its capital cycle in the country.

The cement material one national product , which needs government support through the reduction of dumping commodity construction materials similar, as well as enacting laws that serve the industrial action implementation. In this regard between the economist Ahmed charged that the construction industry, especially cement material to face challenges in the forefront of dumping commodity goods shoddy cheap the prices because of the loss of quality, which affect the useful life of the projects under construction, stressing that the national product of the cement material has global standards and quality (ISO) .
for his part , competent in economic affairs Hasan Ali Abdul Karim that demand for cement material continues to increase and the parallel need for services and development projects said, pointing to the possibility that covers local cement manufacturing plant market need, in the presence of specialized teams relay the extent of current and future demand of the country this article.

He also noted the availability of specialized in this industry of local expertise and that work on the management of advanced production lines, which bring economic benefits to the country, especially since the local product adoption preserves capital cycle inside Iraq.

so stressed economic member of the Baghdad forum Hadi Hndas the need to are selected industries which use in their work available raw materials locally for the purpose of reducing hard currency leakage , such as the construction industries of cement, plaster, brick and block, and Kashi, especially as they enter in a lot of infrastructure construction projects, and projects of the reconstruction of liberated areas from the gangs źDaesh╗ terrorist.

Hndas urged enacting laws that serve the industrial work properly implement, such as laws tariffs, national protection product, consumer protection, antitrust, in addition to legislation Other new laws to move to a market economy, such as laws work, and record companies, and income tax.