Jubouri: the return of the displaced to their areas most important message should be up to the people of Mosul
Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri said that " the return of the displaced to their areas that have been edited most important message you must deliver to the people of Nineveh before releasing the city of Mosul."
A statement by the Information Office of the President of the Parliament received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the al - Jubouri , "received, on Tuesday, in his own office, head of the European Union mission Patrick Somanat and a number of ambassadors and representatives of the EU countries , " noting , "it was discussed during the meeting file displaced people and what they need from service after the processes of liberalization and the increasing need for international support in this aspect, and not the Iraqi government 's ability to meet all the requirements, in addition to the positive results Saeksha apply the general amnesty law in the case of community reconciliation. "
the head of the parliament that the " war on terror Daesh almost reach their ends, and influence important for the international coalition which would be a supportive factor for the Iraqi forces, "Mnohna the importance of the participation of all the people of the province of Mosul components in the processes of liberalization.
on activating the role of the House of Representatives Jubouri said that the House of Representatives the past legislative work and oversight , despite what happens in crisis, and that was able to pass a general amnesty law and that the application of this law will bring some sort of social stability in the country, and it will contribute to the strengthening of national unity and reconciliation among factions of Iraqi society.
among his interest to inform all political and diplomatic missions on the developments of events, because the Iraqi issue interlocking need to clarify and explain and demonstrate to the whole world, praising the role of the EU countries to support Iraq in the security files and relief.