Parliamentary Finance Committee: Central Bank auction does not sell the dollar to companies that are not officially registered
Date: Monday 23/04/2012 20:27

BAGHDAD - A citizen member of the Finance Committee announced in the House of Representatives Faleh applicable to «Auction Central Bank of Iraq dollar does not sell for any company is registered with the Iraqi market for securities or the Registrar of Companies». And said in effect, told {Euphrates News} that «the central bank when selling dollars to companies approved a non-binding then follow how their disposal the amount the buyer and does not continue if Stholh to a specific destination or not». and pointed out that «some of the companies benefiting to buy the dollar, accusing dependence of the specific destination and invest the amounts of procurement in matters that do not serve Iraq or are converting foreign currency to the outside through the offices of remittances local to be so smuggling operation ». and the effect that «the government monitor the offending companies and accountability in accordance with Iraqi law until not located in the central bank is not confused by which he is ». It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday accused the central bank to sell the dollar through its daily auction companies do not invest hard currency in projects that serve the country or are smuggled to other countries.