Economic parliamentary: Adoption of border crossings Act is working on establishing a typical port-run body

2016/08/30 16:41

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Economic Committee in the House of Representatives announced on Tuesday that the border crossings body voted by an Act of Parliament, on Monday, will create a typical border ports, while confirming that the body of border crossings under the new law will rehabilitate these ports, it indicated that the Commission will include representatives from the provinces, which includes border ports, as well as finance, interior and foreign ministries.

A member of the Economic Committee Nora Albjara in an interview (range Press), "The Law of border crossings body voted by the House of Representatives, on Monday, will form a body in the name of border crossings body to manage these ports, which amounts to nine outlets, including the province of outlets resources Kurdistan, "noting that" the Commission will take over the rehabilitation of border crossing points to be typical outlets border, especially since most of the border crossings lack of buildings. "

She Albjara, that "the Commission will include representatives of all the provinces where there are border ports, as well as representatives from the finance, interior and foreign ministries," pointing out that "the provinces would be obliged to hand over border crossings Authority resources."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted during its meeting of the 16th legislative term of the first third legislative year, which was held on Monday (August 29, 2019), a draft of border crossings into law.