Ministry of planning: Sinjar produced 47 thousand tons of corn.

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 09:25:24

The planning Minister/Secretary of Commerce Dr Salman jumaili Agency prepared the ministries of planning and commerce to provide all kinds of support and assistance to spend Sinjar to enable people from bypassing their distress they have suffered as a result of terrorist acts to regulate criminal ISIS

Jumaili said during a meeting with Israeli former Deputy Khalil mohama Sinjar justice, injustice suffered by children of Sinjar by organized terrorist ISIS requires all stand by them and enable them to overcome their plight. "

Noting that "the extraordinary efforts being made by the relevant government institutions including the Ministry of planning and the Ministry of Commerce to restore stability and normalization of life in Sinjar through the provision of basic services including water and electricity and provide food and attention to receive grain from farmers in their sailwat betsoiha to eliminate the Commerce Department and the selected time period has been extended to receive pills to enable farmers to surrender all remaining quantities have about 47 thousand tons of corn.

Jumaili was drawn to a number of important projects in Sinjar being rehabilitated, including Sinjar water project and other projects related to infrastructure and reconstruction.

Sinjar district President expressed mhama Khalil expressed appreciation for the Government's efforts to improve the reality of life in the judiciary. Explaining that his meeting with Minister of planning was important and fruitful, the Minister pledged to provide all kinds of support for the children of Sinjar through strategic SOA-related projects. Noting that among the projects that were discussed during the meeting grain marketing project and create a new silo as well as Sinjar water project and other projects of an economic nature strategy

And that great injustice suffered by children of Sinjar was great. Calling on government institutions and international organizations to contribute to the reconstruction process and compensate the injustice suffered elimination.