Internal inspectorate transmitting 335 corruption and restore 310 million to state coffers

2016-08-30 12:04

Baghdad the balance of news

Detect Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry, Tuesday, about 335 assignment corruption and restore 310 million to the State Treasury.

The Inspectorate said in a statement/balance of news, a copy of it, that "the Office of the Inspector General transmitted 335 administrative and financial corruption situation in various Ministry joints and rejoined the limits of 310 million to the State Treasury during the past month, according to the monthly report issued by the Division of planning and follow up, which shows the overall activities of the Bureau during the month.

He added, "the Department of audit and financial oversight of the month usually managed 309,948,876 dinars to the State Treasury, recommended re 658,506,000 other dinar, money that prevented it from waste 10365, 00 dinars."

The statement also said that "the Directorate during the month was able to refine 6 drafts contracts and gave her opinion about 30 investigative boards and pursued 9 decades of investment plan, 22 contracts for operational plan, while giving its opinion on the initial 40 cases for Baghdad Inspectorate and 35 preliminary issue for provincial inspectorate.

He noted that "Angels one Baghdad office minions Inspectorate during the month of July was able to implement the inspection activity distributed among 199 30 accounting Committee and 167 tour and visit resulted in the discovery of 120 administrative corruption and 11 financial corruption."

In the statement, alluded to "Angels provincial inspectorate offices scattered across the country have carried out inspection activity distributed among 259 222 Inspection Committee and 24 validation Committee and 13 visitation, resulting in the discovery of administrative corruption case 179 and 9 financial corruption cases."

With regard to the activities of the Directorate of monitoring and performance evaluation report showed that "Angels 16 implemented Inspection Directorate, resulted in the discovery of 13 cases of administrative corruption and 3 financial corruption cases."

The statement said that "financial interests statement section in the Monitoring Directorate has sent to integrity disclosure 3110 month financial interests, and that performance evaluation section has 39 people rated values internally and 6 others established externally and do 6 rounds Ministry services evaluation".

The statement pointed out, that "corruption indices that were discovered during the month by cadres of the Inspector General's Office varied between abuse of power, fraud and negligence and wrongdoing warrantees and bribery, theft, embezzlement and waste materials and hide money."

That broad statement, that "the investigations and legal Directorate has recorded 564 cases during the month which completed 269 issue and ratified 139 other cases and referred 53 cases to other circles, with one case transmitted to the integrity, and closed 41 issue, number of documents examined by Department of integrity in 649 Office document".

As other activities implemented by the statement, download the cadres Inspector in training and development and human rights, complaints, interviews and others where total complaints received during the month 358 complaint. "