Integrity check Iraq needed resolution 53 million dollars paid to a Jordanian company.

2016/8/30 14:03

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} investigative procedures carry integrity Commission confirmed on the judicial claim submitted by Jordan Trust Foundation against the Iraqi Government.

A number of the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today to "engender integrity and through which formed investigative team continues investigative procedures in the topic merits that accompanied the decision of judge court beginning Oman rights oblige the Iraqi Government and the Ministry of industry and minerals solidarity payment {53} fifty-three million dollars plus fees, charges and interest to the Jordanian confidence; by not taking action by stakeholders that led to this decision, although the institution eligible for a refund.

"And some officials who have been called irrelevant and listen to their words, as well as previous audits are requested for the Office of financial supervision on the subject, the Committee checked records and documents and documents and correspondence on the subject, and will conduct the investigation and issuing appropriate recommendation after completing some answers to questions the investigative Committee".