Senior ministerial delegation visited Basra to discuss preservation projects

2016/8/30 11:18

[Where - Baghdad]

A high-level ministerial delegation plans to visit the province of Basra next week to discuss projects in the province.

A statement by the Ministry of Construction and Housing Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Ann wholesome Osei received at the ministry's headquarters in Basra governor Majed Nasraoui to discuss the projects implemented by the ministry in the province.

The minister said that "the Basra governorate that require exceptional effort from all sides to implement special projects related activities, including infrastructure projects."

She added, "it was discussing the draft rehabilitation via Zubayr - Umm Qasr and after Tdharrh because of the heavy weights of vehicles passing a Mazbb in the occurrence of many traffic accidents that claimed the lives of innocent citizens."

She Osei to "discuss the issue of residential complexes, which oversees the implementation of the Housing Department of the Ministry of private complexes that are nearing completion, as is the discussion of the draft streams Zubair because of its importance in the development of infrastructure spend and Ohalah."

It confirmed the Minister of Construction, according to the statement to send a high-level ministerial delegation next week to the province of Basra to discuss all the projects implemented by the Ministry and the provincial council. "

For his part, the governor of Basra eighth considerable efforts made by the ministry and the unlimited deal in the transfer of powers from the ministry to the local government.