Kim Jong officials executed one of his proposals, and the second to sleep

North Korea has executed two officials publicly, in early August, to Asaanhma leader Kim Jong - un, as reported by a South Korean newspaper Tuesday.
The news daily newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, a source familiar with the affairs of the north was not identified, as saying that former agriculture minister Huang Min - large and in charge in the Ministry of Education Ri Yong - jin has been executed.
The newspaper pointed out that Huang was executed for his political proposals, which were considered a challenge for Kim Jong - un, and added, that adjusting irrigation Gávea during a meeting with Kim and was interrogated later on corruption and contempt for the leader.
It was not possible to verify the validity of the report independently, but if confirmed, it would be the latest in a series of filtering operations for high - level officials in the era of the young leader.
She spoke earlier media reports about the execution of operations and liquidation of the reclusive state, but later proved to the invalidity of some of them.
Rarely declares North Korea for the liquidation or executions.