Tehran denies the arrest of a nuclear negotiator

Iranian Foreign Ministry denied that the official, who was arrested a few days ago on charges of spying, from among the members of negotiations between Tehran and world powers on Iran 's nuclear dossier team in 2015.
He explained Bahram Ghasemi, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, in a press statement, Monday, August 29 / August, he said: "Who was arrested not a member of the nuclear negotiating team, but it was one of the members of the negotiating team in order to solve the problem of the banks."
Qasemi pointed out that Tehran has repeatedly said that he "failed to arrest any member of the nuclear negotiating team .. and we learned that the arrested is someone who has been working in the field of banks, and sometimes participate in sessions negotiate a banking crisis, has been defined by some of the economic pillars in Iran ".
He Ghasemi: "Now, we can say that the person is currently detained and released after a period of his arrest, We , as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our relationship with the subject of nuclear negotiations, we hope our friends in the judiciary to do to explain it to the media and the people to become clearer this case."
The Iranian media and international has picked up , in the August 28 / August, the news temporarily talked about the arrest of the Iranian authorities a member of the negotiating team has already participated in the negotiations between Iran and world powers on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, suspected in espionage.
Earlier, according to the means, based on the deputies and Iranian officials that Tehran had arrested Abdul Rasul Dre Isfahani, an official in the Iranian negotiating on banking and banking services team, who holds British and Iranian citizenship, on suspicion of selling economic information to foreign institutions.