Deputy: general amnesty might make Saddam Hussein innocent

Monday, 29 August 2016 18:34

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
MP criticized Muwaffaq al-Rubaie, on Monday, the general amnesty law passed by Parliament recently, saying it would threaten the security of Iraq and a blow to the credibility of the judiciary, pointing out that the law may exonerate the former regime of Saddam Hussein.

Rubaie said in a statement issued by the Information Office received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, "The general amnesty law would affect security in Iraq negatively; because it will be funded Daesh and Baath large and trained human elements and some of the leaders," he said. "Snaatard it (the law) in the Federal Court Higher; because it is against the law to combat terrorism. "

He said al-Rubaie, a former security adviser to "re-trial based on allegations confess under duress or witnesses unknown means that large numbers of criminals would be freed," he said, adding: "and in particular that some of the crimes were committed years ago may be difficult to re-gather witnesses and that means in the opinion of some legal likelihood of re-trial of Saddam Hussein and his acquittal and this is a great disaster. "

He pointed out that "the informants will not be able to testify publicly for fear of the playoffs and tribal claims and others, if this enables the judiciary to bring them to court in the case of not being able to bring them the court will invalidate their testimony and release convicted terrorists."

Rubaie said: "The Iraqi judiciary and its credibility will be exposed to a painful blow threatens to collapse because the judiciary sentenced to death a convicted then the law released comes," adding at the same time that "the release of criminals will adversely affect the morale of the Iraqi armed forces that made sacrifices for the sake of the arrest of these criminals. "

And on the analogy of the general amnesty passed by parliament amnesty decisions which was issued by the head of the former regime, law-Rubaie said: "There is no comparison between the two; because Saddam had issued decisions in a general amnesty on innocent people did not go through fair trials or unfair, but who got now is to settle political to release criminals convicted judicial ways. "

Referred to the House of Representatives voted on Thursday (25 August 2016), on the draft general amnesty law.