Twenty summit will offer an agenda for future work

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Is expected to provide upcoming summit of the Group of Twenty, hosted by the Chinese city of Hangzhou on 4 and 5 September next, answers to the most pressing issues in the contemporary world, as stated by a senior Russian businessmen.

He explained Kirill Dmitrev, Director General of the Russian Fund for direct investment »will be offered the most relevant issues that have been working out well for consideration in the Group of Twenty, which will determine the answers to the future agenda for action, not in the economic sphere, but also in the social and humanitarian fields».

He Dmitrev: China offers an excellent example not only in the process of integration with the global economy, but also the extent to respond to the challenges that occur globally.

Since isolationism and artificial restrictions and discrimination can not create a sound environment and innovative economy, it is incumbent upon the 20 major economies focus on common development and growth through concerted action,
according to the Dmitrev.

He stated that the cooperation in the field of investment, which China contribute to it to a large extent, plays a special role, he said, adding that Russia and China have the same understanding of the majority of agenda items.

He pointed out that «the two countries believe that there should not be barriers to flows of venture capital, coupled with a great potential in the joint implementation of infrastructure projects, especially cross-border projects.»

Dmitrev and expressed his belief that the implementation of joint infrastructure projects may be a catalyst for further bilateral cooperation. He said construction of the first bridge to the railway cross-border across the Amur River, which would significantly reduce transportation costs and expenses as one of the examples of such cooperation project.

Currently, it is funded and construction of the Russian part of the project, according to Dmitrev.

He said that the Sino-Russian State Committee for Cooperation in the field of investment is currently considering 66 projects worth a total of US $ 100 billion.

He added that «the Chinese partners have a long-term vision and systematic approach to problem-solving, and that includes a clear understanding of the strategic interests of the companies and the interests of national and tactical capabilities».

Russian Direct Investment Fund, which was founded in 2011, is the sovereign wealth fund of the country, where the pump direct investments in leading and promising Russian companies as well as leading international investors.

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