Leadership in the crowd: starting edit Sharqat operations need to be political understandings

Treasures Media / Baghdad
The leader of the popular crowd Abu Jaafar website revealed that editing operations Zab bottom of Balherquat, Riyadh and Al - Rashad and Hawija need some political understandings. In an interview with the web , "said the outskirts of Hawija incident under Kurdish control , which needs to be an understanding with the Kurdish side to complete the editing operations. He explained that the networking Sharqat operations are bundled with Hawija operations as over one and sandwiched between the lower Great Zab filling. He added that this region is Stratejp out terrorist operations for the four provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Mosul. It is said that spend Sharqat management, in Salahuddin province criticized, delayed the start of editing operations despite the difficult humanitarian situation taking place in the judiciary, north of Tikrit, the county seat, (170 kilometers ) north of Baghdad, said the absence of the executive responsible for the launch of the zero hour, and accused the international parties to disrupt the start of clearance operations, indicated that the number of displaced people from the judiciary and the areas Algeorh have arrived so far to about 75,000 displaced people.