Boroujerdi: Ayatollah Sistani foiled plot Arabia US in Iraq

Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that portraying the war in Iraq as a sectarian war is a Saudi and an American plot Ayatollah Sistani has been able to plot fails for his wise leadership.

Agency for International Tasnim news agency reported that the Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian parliament Alaeddin Boroujerdi received Sunday evening , the Secretary - General of the Movement nujaba Iraqi Sheikh Akram al - Kaabi, said that the past years have been years of tough on the Iraqi people, after a long period of crisis was Iraq needs to the reconstruction and reform, but after the occupation of Iraq by America were destroyed Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people at the hands of the occupiers.

He continued that the occupying forces had been unable to stay in Iraq and this is a matter of pride for Iraq and its people, while the United States after the Second World War as occupied countries did not come out of it and stayed there for long periods, as accepted by some countries such as Japan , South Korea and Afghanistan judicial immunity for soldiers Treaty Americans did in these countries and America has humiliated the people of these countries through this treaty.

He pointed to the Iraqi people 's resistance to the US occupation, stating: The Government of Iraq has not conceded to the demands of the Americans and the American troops were forced in the end to get out of Iraq, and this is a source of pride and the Iraqi Aatzazllhab, but America has after being driven out of Iraq supported terrorists there and these actions are the work of the Great Satan.

Boroujerdi emphasized the continued support of the Islamic Republic of Iraq, following: We have given the Iraq and Syria all the experiences that we have gained during the imposed war, we believe that the formation of the popular crowd in Iraq was a blessed step.

He said Boroujerdi portray the war in Iraq as a sectarian war is a Saudi American plot, and added: religious authority in Iraq , attentive to the plot and Ayatollah Sistani foiled the plot for his wise, and we hope that Iraq and Syria crisis ends soon.

Boroujerdi noted at the conclusion of the meeting to the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, noting: that Yemen has become a symbol of the crimes of America and its allies in the region, the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen , which perpetrated the most heinous "Israel" in Gaza.

Sheikh Al - Kaabi pointed out during the meeting to occlusion siege on the terrorists in Aleppo process, explained that some countries, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia planned to lift the siege on the terrorists in Aleppo and managed to break the siege in part but we were able to later restoration of the ring on the terrorists , there is currently in control of the area Ramouseh firearm and prevent the arrival of logistical support to them.

On the participation of the popular crowd at the important and imminent for the Liberation of the city of Mosul strategic process, Sheikh al - Kaabi said: We must factions of the popular crowd involved in the liberation of Mosul process and this prevents the division of Iraq, and we believe that if the popular crowd forces retreating from Iraq 's western regions will enter the terrorists again to Iraq via Syria.

He noted that a leading figure in the popular crowd to the negative role played by America in Iraq, he said , that America does not accept the defeat Daesh in Iraq as it seeks to get the victories sham and superficial and trying to find a balance between the popular crowd and the gang terrorist Daesh.

And Sheikh Akram al - Kaabi on the need for the presence of the popular crowd in Syria, and added that the liberalization tenderness and Dero Zor in Syria is essential to create security in Iraq must therefore enters the popular crowd and through coordination with the Syrian state to Syria in order to
free these strategic cities.