Electricity announce the destruction of 80 power line tower in gray - Fallujah

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, exposure of a line of power transmission of high pressure (Grey - Fallujah), a terrorist target "large" during the last period in the area between the Japanese bridge and acid by booby - trapping the towers improvised explosive device led to a fall of more than 80 towers.
The Director General of the Directorate - General for the transfer of electrical energy for the upper Euphrates Khaled Gzaa Attia in an interview, said the disclosure of the first of this line between the fall of the number of towers and that the number can be increased due to the inability of the maintenance teams and the cadres of the Directorate of access to some areas along the path of this line the large number of improvised explosive devices planted by terrorist elements.
He said the purpose of this subversive terrorist operation is to delay the power back to the eastern gray areas which up to Sufi station manufacturing (132 kV) by the manufacturing Fallujah station (132 KV) and up to them the power of western Baghdad station manufacturing 400 K. .v.
He explained that this source is the main source of nutrition for eastern gray areas (woolen Khalidiya and acid and Alsjarih) In addition to other western areas by the lack of electrical power available from the second source , a power station in Haditha Dam.
He stressed that the Ministry of Electricity is working hard to provide satisfactory services to the citizens, especially in the liberated areas, the targeting and destruction suffered by their location and their lines by terrorism requires the provision of potential security and atmosphere to bring these lines into service.