Imam Khamenei: Our response would be «harsh» on any folly committed by enemies against us.

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic Grand Ayatollah received Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei (may Allah protect him) on Sunday afternoon a number of leaders and officials in the headquarters of the Seal of the Prophets (r) air defense and assured them that the front anti follow the path of malice and guile and working on stripping the people of their independence .
Agency for International Tasnim news agency reported that Ayatollah Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei (may Allah protect him) , leader of the Islamic Revolution and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces on Sunday afternoon met with leaders and officials of the headquarters of the Seal of the Prophets (r) and assured them of the importance of defense capabilities as a front line in front and was considered the front hostile enemy attacks it follows the path of malice and cunning and make every effort to strip people of their independence and said enemies are trying to destabilize the defense capability of our country, so it is necessary to raise the capabilities of our armed forces are making our enemies do not think we trespass
And His Eminence emphasized that the determination and will of the Iranian people and develop their abilities in various fields are important factors to remove the obstacles and to develop a solution to some of the weaknesses, and added: This defense headquarters is one of the most important front lines and we must know how important it is , and you thwart enemies schemes in the infringement our intention and your will and your positions critical.
Commander of the Islamic Revolution also considered that the hostility that some holds the Iranian people and the regime of the Islamic Iran than all the hostility patterns prevailing in the world, and commented , Front enemies that we describe different expressions as "authoritarian regime" and "international Zionism" is the front malicious and crafty adopt ideas unjust so that it opposes religious beliefs and seeking stripped of independence and feel indignant for non - compliance of the Iranian people for their demands ... this hostility is reflected in one of the days the regime ruling in the United States, and sometimes manifests itself in the mask of some authoritarian regimes as a system of Saddam, but it is important at this level it is our dependence Kablaatna on local capabilities and great work on the diagnosis of the positions of the enemies and their plans so that we can make the right attitude and the correct decisions and then Nnzlha into the application.
He noted the general commander of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic on the media and political uproar contrived for the system S 300 defense as well as around the facility , "Vrdo" Nuclear saying that aside from the malicious acts that target the Islamic regime and the Iranian people, he said: system S 300 is a defensive way, not offensive, but nevertheless , we find Americans are doing their best to deprive the Islamic Republic of them ... we face enemies trying stripped of the right to self - defense, that is, they say frankly not right for you to defend yourselves , so that we can Drbakm whenever we like it.
He stressed Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the importance of taking side of caution and take the necessary measures in a timely manner and rely on a variety of sophisticated ways in the field of air defense and added: to teach our enemies that the response will be harsh due to any crap they commit, and our defense will include response deterrent.
Before the discourse of the Islamic revolution , the commander of Grand Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei (may Allah protect him) gave Dean Farzad Ismaili commander of the headquarters of the Seal of the Prophets (r) air defense speech in which Park eight years ago to establish this important headquarters and included his report on the most important achievements of this Headquarters and actions taken in the area of strengthening the defense capabilities of the country that.