Parliamentary defense renewed confidence Governor Zamili her head
[Where - Baghdad]
renewed for Security and Defense Committee in Parliament on Sunday, Governor Zamili confidence in the presidency of the Committee for the next two years of the life of the current parliamentary session.
According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that " the Commission and the defense of parliamentary security Zamili elected as its head again, and Nayef al - Shammari was elected vice president and Abdul Aziz Hassan Hussein , Rapporteur of the Committee."
He was a member of the Committee Alexander and Tut revealed to [where] the earlier dialogues about the election of the Chairman of the Committee and the nomination of three name is [of quitting and Adnan al - Asadi and Hamid al - Mutlaq, for
his part Zamili said earlier that changed the heads of parliamentary committees time will be away from the political consensus that the process of change will be in accordance with the election away from the political consensus.