The opening of a unified national card in Baquba
[Where - Diyala]
opened Diyala province police, on Sunday, a unified national card project in the city of Baquba , the provincial capital .
According to the official spokesman for the Diyala police report Ghalib al - Attiyah told all of Iraq [where] "We have today the celebration of the opening of the unified card center in Baquba province, to direct the procedures for issuing".
He pointed Attiyah that " a number of officials attended the ceremony , including the Diyala police chief and the governor and Director general sexual and other officials in Baghdad. "
the Ministry of Interior discussed at the twenty - fifth of last July , a number of issues concerning the work of the national card project, to accelerate the opening of national card centers in all provinces of the country and provide the buildings needed to work in order to provide better services to citizens and raise routine with him during his review.