A member of the parliamentary Finance: 30 trillion dinars deficit in 2017 budget
[Oan- special]
said in the parliamentary finance committee, said the budget for fiscal year 2017 deficit of members, an estimated 30 trillion Iraqi dinars. "
He said Sirhan Ahmed told all of Iraq [where], " The 2017 budget will be a deficit of 30 trillion dinars , or 30% of the total budget is larger than the budgets of 2016 and 2015 deficit , " stressing that "there is a shortening of the government in the fight against corruption and prevent the waste of public money."
Ahmed promised to balance in 2017 as "unrealistic , considering that the specified price of oil on the basis of 35 Dolara- also announced Aovernmh- and a barrel of oil is now sold for $ 32 in the global market and this difference is not that big a realistic and close to the price to world market prices."
He stressed that "Iraq major economic crisis facing due to the deterioration of oil prices and as everyone knows that the country 's economy depends on oil revenues does not mention the other other Erdat little. "
He noted member of the Finance representative to, that " Iraq today under the weight of large debts and borrowing from the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank weighs the shoulders of the state as well. "
the Council of Ministers, discussed in its meeting last Tuesday, the financial budget for 2017 and proposed amendments to the law on the version provided by the Ministry of Finance said in a statement that he" has the budget discussion extensively and reached the final stages of submitting the bill to the House of Representatives. "
he said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, during a press conference after the cabinet meeting, said that " the budget in 2017 suffers from a significant fiscal deficit due to lack of oil imports , compared with a rise of employees and retirees salary cap , " adding that the government "set the price of $ 35 per barrel of oil within the 2017 budget."
Abadi pointed to " the allocation of functional levels of the health sector and the local police and the popular crowd in Mosul , " stressing " the pursuit Council of Ministers to submit the budget to the House of Representatives (fear)next September 10 before."