Legal expert: questioning Zebari fell adoption of a general amnesty
[Oan- Baghdad]
said legal expert Tareq Harb, the "grill and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari fell from him after the adoption of the Law Council Alnoa general amnesty , which included charges of corruption."
He said the war in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "Minister Zebari which Parliament took over the questioning last Thursday, and the voice of non - conviction Bojobth was presented a request to withdraw confidence in him has become a theme now terminated the issuance of the amnesty law , which decided a general amnesty for all crimes financial and administrative corruption. "
he added," it therefore may not be constitutionally walk down the steps to withdraw confidence and his dismissal of parliament after parliament amnesty law legislation on the same day so that the article [61 / VII / c] of the Constitution required to conduct the interrogation of the Minister of accounting requirement and the accounting stipulated by the Constitution ended the issuance of the amnesty law , which included against the integrity of financial corruption and administrative corruption crimes. "
He said the war, that" all charges against the Minister of Finance of the Attorney Haitham al - Jubouri is of interest to financial and administrative corruption, including the Amnesty Law dropped these charges and crimes ended dubbed illegal He described the illegal and considered deeds permissible not punishable by law so disarming character illegal by the decriminalization and as such is legal , which was carried by these acts before the issuance of the amnesty law. "
He emphasized , " can not be held accountable person accounting and finance minister for the actions considered by the amnesty law deeds permissible and decided not to Punishment so the constitutional requirement for interrogation which accounting requirement contained in the previous article , and certainly in Article 58 of the rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives considered had fallen constitutionally and legally. "
He noted legal expert, he said that" the actions of Foreign Minister , which the House of Representatives took over the questioning is of interest to all actions become legitimate and permissible amnesty law that requires the House of Representatives closed Minister Hoshyar Zebari file in accordance with the provisions of the amnesty law as a topic terminated not for the minister only, but for all of the parliament will be questioned for the actions and charges of financial and administrative corruption occurred before last Thursday. "