Military expert reveals the details of the next battle in Anbar

Sunday 28 August 2016 | 19:36
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BAGHDAD / .. stressed strategic expert and confident Hashemi, Sunday, that Anbar was liberated by editing Khalidiya Island, while likely to edit battles what remained of Anbar will be easier and will escape the elements Daesh of its territory.

He said al-Hashimi's "Eye of Iraq News," that "it is through the military concept, the Anbar liberated almost because the most dangerous region was controlled by regulation after the district of Fallujah, is the Khalidiya Island," noting that "Daesh now in the case of loss not seen previously." .

He added that "the organization of Daesh lost large numbers in its dead, Bulgta hundreds, many of whom fled to hideouts and neighboring regions and flee also in the case provided the security forces and the crowd People at them," he said, "our troops will not see long battles such as the liberalization of Fallujah, it will be easier in case progress towards the regions based or white. "

The Joint Special Operations Command, announced on Saturday, the liberation of Khalidiya island east of Ramadi fully recovered from the organization Daesh, as pointed out that "the security of pieces from the eighth band and X band and the band of fourteen / Iraqi army, and the forces of the Federal Police and popular crowd and police of Anbar and entrusting from the army Aviation and air force, they were able to edit Khalidiya island east of Ramadi fully recovered from the organization Daesh. "

The Joint Special Operations Command had announced 0.30 last July, the start of liberalization Khalidiya island east of the city of Ramadi operations of the organization Daesh with the participation of army troops and federal police and with support from the popular crowd forces. is over