Parliamentary Advocacy: We reject prejudice salary pension university professor

Baghdad balances News
The head of the Dawa bloc behind Abdul Samad, Sunday, or not to allow complacency to try compromising the level of living of university professor by reducing his pension under the new pension law. Said Abdul Samad in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "our country today is in need of scientific energies and academic competencies in a big attack waged by the enemies of Iraq in order to blur our cultural identity and prevent our progress scientifically and cognitively, we renew our firm and our insistence that the professor is essential in creating a new generation armed with science and knowledge and is able to invest his energies scientific building block to build the country and happiness of the people. " He added, that "Based on the above it can not be for us to tolerate or compromise in any way with any attempt to undermine the level of living of the professor of the university through the reduction of his pension under the new pension law and promise this gesture a bad message is incompatible with the orientations of the state to enable the Iraqi minds different aspects of the state administration, ".anthy 29 / d 24