Director of intelligence and security disappeared leading Nineveh for five days after being summoned to Baghdad

Date: Monday, 23-04-2012 04: 13 pm

Mosul (newsletter) ...High-level security source revealed the disappearance of intelligence and security command Director of operations Brigadier Ismail behind Jassem Nineveh for five days.
Source (News Agency news) Monday: Intelligence Director to lead operations Brigadier Ismail behind Jassem Nineveh was heading to Baghdad five days ago after being summoned by the high military leaders there, but Brigadier General Jassem as announced by Baghdad will not reach d.c., Ninewa operational command also said he left the County before five days after the call by top military leaders had not revert or did work since that time.
Source: Brigadier General Jassem is now missing persons because of lack of knowledge about his whereabouts, adding that Baghdad has not arrived.
The source pointed out: the protection of Brigadier General Jassem are others missing now and Nineveh command operations looking for five days to now./finished/10 u/LR.