Four missiles targeting the airport in Turkey and the disruption of traffic in it

According to Turkish media, Sunday targeting Diyarbakir airport with four missiles and disrupted traffic in it.
The site said : "Horat" Turkey, the PKK militants launched rocket attacks on a checkpoint of the airport police.
Earlier, Turkish security sources reported that four soldiers were wounded in an attack on a military base in the district of "Hmdinela", Hakkari State, southeast Turkey.
The sources said that the same elements of the organization "My Ka Ka" (PKK), classified as a terrorist organization in Turkey, carried out the attack on the base , "Mamrash perk up ," before fleeing.
The sources pointed out that the attack wounded four soldiers, the case of two of them critically, and have been transported to the hospital for treatment.
Following the attack, the Turkish security forces launched a security operation in the region, supported by air, in order to arrest the perpetrators of the attack.
It uses Diyarbakir Airport largely for domestic flights, and inhabiting the city of Diyarbakir , southeast Turkey , a majority Kurdish, lives in constant conflict with the Turkish government in 30 years.
The attack comes days after Turkey 's military incursion into Syria after the expulsion of targeted Daesh terrorist, preventing the achievement of the Kurds Syrian fighters territorial gains.