Justice is committed to the implementation of comeuppance terrorists

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Vowed Justice Minister Haider al-Zamili, Saturday, implementation comeuppance Balarhabiyan.mbarca the recent victories of the security forces in the hand Qayyarah

A statement issued by the Ministry of Justice for Zamili that "the cohesion of the security forces and the popular crowd Find a military force invincible miracles warship achieved can not be achieved under the circumstances experienced by the country during the period of entry Daesh gangs and its aftermath," noting that "the media hostile created the conditions for the breadth of the earth the scope of the terrorist organization in the region and sought foreign blueprints for the implementation of the agenda of the division of the country, but the men of Iraq changed Psoadhm will of evil and tyranny. "

Covenant minister for the Iraqi people and reiterated on this occasion, the Ministry of Justice to be the sword that truncates the terrorists, and the substrate that preserve their rights and provide them with services in accordance with law