Legal representative: Parliament is determined to approve oil and gas law
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The member of the legal committee in Parliament MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Amin Bakr, the intention of parliament to approve a draft oil and gas law in the coming period.
Said Baker, told {Euphrates News}, that "we have a package of laws , including the Justice and Accountability and financial laws exempting companies from taxes and oil and gas law," he said . "There 's determination to approval."
And the legislation of the amnesty law, he pointed out that " the vote on amnesty year, it is a major achievement , "adding that " the subject of amnesty became politically because some parties complain of being politically targeted. "
promised legislation amnesty law" a step towards national reconciliation. "
the House of Representatives voted last Thursday, to approve the amnesty bill year.
It is said that several laws approved in parliament crashes since the previous sessions and the most important of the National Guard and the oil and gas of the Federal Court Rules and other trace differences that revolve around by the political blocs. Ended p