Between supporters and dismissive of Acalth..berlmaon trade on a resolution to prevent the travel of al-Obeidi and interrogated

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For the first time in the history of the Iraqi Parliament, the House voted Thursday to withdraw the confidence and the sacking of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, with the participation of 262 deputies, after a series of corruption files that the involvement of the latter, and reviewed by the board of the Parliamentary Integrity and blocks given by him many MPs. And picked up by local media and the news of the sacking of an Arab majority, where al-Obeidi is the first time the minister said in the life of the parliament, with MPs trading within the meeting's decision to issue a travel ban against al-Obeidi to investigate the charges against him. Counting the Minister of Defense article Khaled al-Obeidi, the House vote on his dismissal "a victory for those who brought Iraq to the conclusion reached by now," as pointed out that "employers corruption" is stronger than the attempts he conducted to fight the corrupt. " Obeidi said in a statement seen / balances News / it, "finally triumphed brought Iraq to the conclusion reached by now, Vliedhirna people and the army, he has tried to fight corruption Balmemknat, but it seems that Orbabh stronger and their voices higher and spent their reaction." He added that "I will stay with it, as I said, a soldier from among those who care about the people of Iraq soldiers seeking to war, corruption and the corrupt," and thanked "all of the voice and stood with us and understand our position and interaction with him, and the consequence for the righteous." He says the head of the Iraqi masses Ahmed al-Mashhadani's / balances News / "The bloc demanded in more than a forum to postpone the completion of the interrogation to the defense minister until after the liberation of Mosul operations." He said al-Mashhadani, "When you are sacking top of the pyramid in the military are considered to deliver the wrong message to employees of the security forces in the security a difficult situation," adding "the decision to sack respected as long as it happened in the parliament, but we do not want to be in this difficult time and we refrained from impeachment for many reasons, as a result of the security situation of the compressor at the moment. " He described al-Mashhadani impeachment as "negative", adding that "there were claims against the impeachment of my servants, because Iraq today is fighting fierce enemy does not know the meaning of humanity which is organizing Daesh for a terrorist, and therefore we hope to be the political will to stand when the survival of al-Obeidi, for that is not considered the political situation is consistent with the security situation. " Professor Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani told / balances News / I "joy to sack the defense minister although I do not know him, but like everyone from TV screens and carry him a grudge or a certain position, but the man was a loving military for his work professionally to a large extent", and I'm in my position this pro-corrupt, who have not added them to understand something the minister always brag of a day on television that they are corrupt in word and deed. " He adds that al-Mashhadani, "which Ofarahna and wish to continue to sack the Minister of Finance, too, because this practice should be enhanced dismissal of minister does not weaken the government, and dismiss the government and dissolve parliament to Aydaf state, but increases the strength and establishes the concept of peaceful rotation of power." He said al-Mashhadani said "the country in which men can not Achtzalhm red lines for men serving chance to be the politicians who are after the sky from the earth, from the political sense, in the royal era, the ministry falls just days after its formation, the parliament resolves within months of his election did not state fall down, but produced an elite of politicians first class up to today hail them and their culture and Onaguethm mercy of God the likes of Nuri Said Pasha, Saleh Jabr and high aesthetic and Rasheed Pachachi and Chalabi and others were the governments of states counted them a thousand account. " Majid said the Iraqi media's / balances News / "The timing of the dismissal Obeidi was not successful and the withdrawal of confidence will introduce the country to face significant disadvantages, adding that the Majlis deputies had to withdraw confidence or put complete the interrogation after the liberation of Mosul." Iraqi and added that "the dismissal of Obaidi at this time have other repercussions calculated Valobeidy clan has extensions and presence in the theater of operations in the city of Mosul this will have an impact on the clan Obeidi and fear to be a variant of another clan, and this is what will create disturbances." The Muttahidoon that "the dismissal of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi is a political target and clear and that the coalition will take all legal actions to challenge a hearing on the withdrawal of confidence." Coalition said following the sacking of al-Obeidi, a hearing on the House of Representatives that "the process of withdrawal of confidence from the Minister bad message hit the hope in defeating corruption and corrupt and presented a sad picture of the political situation in Iraq," adding that "since the start proved to positions of principle of the interrogation process, according to the data in the forefront of the" interrogation politically, and lacks a legal condition evidenced by the existence of lawsuits between the interrogator and the interrogator sub judice and that the targeting of clear evidence to repeat it twice in one year He pointed out that the coalition, "al-Obeidi is the son of a united and its leaders, and the political role of the largest and most corrupt attempt to trap him, and honor enough to wrap around the masses It reflects Joaljhm in the words of the coalition are united." The parliament voted Thursday to withdraw the majority of the trust and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obaidi and against a backdrop of mutual recriminations between him and the President of the Council, Salim al suspicions about corruption .. and 142 deputies supported the proposal of impeachment against the 102 deputies opposed declined while 18 deputies for Altsoat.anthy
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