Kazmi warns, "prosecutor" belonging to the crowd and accused the authorities of "exploit for political purposes."

Warned the leader of the popular crowd particular Kazmi, on Saturday, the claims of "belonging" to factions of the crowd, and said that the leadership of the crowd provided lists of names of 25 brigade within the formations of the government, while noting the proximity of the direct " the registration of parties chock as civil society organizations", accused some parties to "seek to take advantage of the crowd and traded for political purposes."
Moin said Kazmi, in an interview, " The formation of the popular crowd at the outset was a rush of self according to the fatwa reference to enroll fronts and fighter (Daesh) terrorist," but he also said , "but today there are those who want to take advantage of the title jihad for the crowd by opening offices in cities is linked with it".
He said Kazmi, said that "there are those who supported the crowd through the payment of donations to the families of martyrs, but did not have a combat role real or duties undiagnosed fronts, so we reject the existence of any form aimed at extorting people and take advantage of the title of the crowd to enter easily for government departments, traders and others."
He said Kazmi, said that "there Anawana jihadist turned out to be part of the crowd which is unofficial and not recognized within the leadership of the crowd, so warn these titles continue to claim to belong to the crowd," noting that "we are going to start the registration authorities chock entitled civil society organizations that provide support through donations Just".
He stressed Kazmi, said , "Who wants to work politically by not trading on behalf of the popular crowd to take advantage of it in the upcoming elections , " stressing that " the leadership of the crowd the government and the Interior and other stakeholders provided the names of the 25 Brigade within the formations of the popular crowd."