Chinese hotels refuse to receive guests from five Muslim countries including Iraq

According to staff working cheap accommodation Chinese city of Guangzhou, they had received orders not to receive guests from five Muslim countries, while the foreign ministers of China denied knowledge of this matter.
According to the staff 's comments to the Agency "Reuters" the Chinese police issued orders for some cheap hotels in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, not to receive guests coming from five Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan).
The three hotels do not exceed the price of a stay in 150 yuan ($ 23) per night in the statements it has received notification from the police since March / March last ordering it to reject the reception of guests coming from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan or Afghanistan.
The newspaper "South China Morning Post" published in Hong Kong Friday, August 26 / August that the decision seems a security measure to coincide with the convening of a conference on development in the city of Guangzhou next week, as well as by the Group of Twenty summit in Hangzhou, although the two cities separated by a distance of more than thousand kilometers.
Lu Kang , a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said he had not heard of the issuance of such an order in Guangzhou, following as saying that the country 's policy is based on the principle of encouraging people in China and other countries on communication and mutual affection.
The city of Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province and a large number of foreign residents, many of them traders from Africa.