Marshes and archaeological areas are making substantial economic returns

8/27/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi

for the inclusion of the marshes under the World Heritage list of economic returns is to conduct agricultural investment in marshlands, as well as tourism investment in the archaeological areas where the French embassy pledged to send at least 10 thousand pilgrims French from the Vatican and from states European to the archaeological areas of the shrine of Prophet Abraham - according to Associate Director - General of the Centre to revive the Advisory marsh Kazem Mohsen Ahmed Allama-. organization «UNESCO» and Acharallama to the historical depth that extends to five thousand years old and sang nature elements made ​​of marshland treasure within the global treasures, pointing the need to focus on the implementation of public services and infrastructure Altanah, for the rehabilitation of those areas and the reception of delegations, stressing that the parachute internationalism represented organization «UNESCO» will enable the marsh area of the access privileges that avoids corruption operations through coordination between Iraq and organization procedures. promised to join in recognition are exceptional those areas the importance and responsibility are shared between Iraq and the international community to preserve it , noting that the first key point for the inclusion of the marshes under the World Heritage list was based on the historical background derived from the historical depth and its extension time over five thousand years of civilization, as well as what it represents those areas of importance in diversity bio, environmental and spanning three provinces south: Basra, Dhi Qar, Maysan. water ratios and said al - Lami to the marsh area of B8500 square kilometers will inevitably increase the handling bio animals a rare fishes and birds as a stopping point for the types of birds migrating between Siberia and Africa in the winter the spring which requires revive those areas and the preservation of nature, accompanied by the environmental field and the output of aquatic increase and pose a variety of bio - of micro - organisms or fish , pointing to the continuation of the negotiating committee to work to increase water rates , especially with the Turkish side. it should be noted that the World Heritage Committee of the Organization of the United Nations (UNESCO), voted to include the marshes and archeological sites in Iraq , on the World Heritage list included three ancient cities and four from the Iraqi marshes to Alaihh and it is difficult for any of its neighboring countries , cutting off water to the fact that under global control as well as preventing fishing in the breeding seasons accompanied by preserving its heritage and not compromising archaeological its teachings.