Experts offer solutions for the advancement of the economy

8/27/2016 0:00

The workshop identified the problems and treatment
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb

rising voices demanding real reform to the fields of economy , service and productivity, which contribute to raising the standard of living of the Iraqi family and achieve ratios acceptable to the well - being of living, and focused workshop economic on the need to have treatments posed by the economy and international institutions experts accepted by those in charge of the economy.

vice economic prime Baghdad forum spokesman Antoine ran a workshop titled banks and trade and said that the aim of the presence of economists and international projects as well as officials in the public sector comes to creating a strategic and realistic to the problems of the economy solutions, and work to achieve the benefit citizen who is suffering from a lack of certain services and the lack of employment opportunities.

he said during the workshop of the Union of businessmen and the Center for international private enterprise trade and the business sector is described Palmakd and interlaced It is difficult to sort all sectors of the lack of an independent institution manages the import process , but is divided between several ministries and institutions of public and private Add to the presence of several laws govern this sector monetary policy plays a role influential in trade policy , in addition to the customs laws of falling within the fiscal policy and try to achieve monetary stability and lower inflation rates and achieving a balance between domestic production of agricultural and industrial , and between imports randomness.

He stressed Antoine sector has grown trade in a positive way and the expansion of the lack of control it , especially after 2003 , and the violation of the domestic market of indiscriminate imports, and this is due to the nature of the rentier economy, in addition to the weakness of official data and statistics Iraqi institutions .

he has to be government control over foreign trade and border ports that may contribute to the distortion of the foreign trade sector.

In turn said Prime Businessmen Union Reza Ragheb Blibl that cooperation with the international Projects Center was aimed at developing a number of production and service sectors solutions to the most important industry, agriculture, tourism, education, health ..

He noted that the quality of participation of all parties as well as international projects center aims to find real trends to activate the economic cycle in Iraq after a long journey carrying citizen , during which many burdens , although he: live in a country that can be described as adults.

the representative of the international project Mona earthquake center said: our work comes to determine the economic problem and determine who is responsible for finding solutions them, governmental or private sector Oklahoma, pointing out that solutions included in the working papers and submitted to the concerned authority in the central government or the provinces targeted by the program.

She drew earthquake that what is being put forward solutions to the problems of the economy coincides with the direction the government 's reform of the joints of the production and service process, It can also collaborating public and private sectors to create an ideal working environment, especially that Iraq is experiencing a transition towards open market economy requires the adoption of special economic criteria commensurate with this trend.

the head of the economy and the investment sector in the Arab women 's Union specialized Iraq branch d. Ikram Abdelaziz said that the workshop today focuses on two important aspects in the economic development Alamsan the needs of the citizen and the twin banks and trade, as is the banking reform , the basic pillar for supporting the economy, investment and development and represents a cornerstone of the agenda of the Government Reform announced by the Prime Minister, pointing out that the reform overall economic renaissance investment requires an organ bank active.

stressed the need to extend financial inclusion (banking services and benefits) to exceed the limits of major cities and provinces to reach the districts and areas by increasing the awareness and education of what is known in the banking system and restore confidence to clients with him after he weakened the impact of the behavior of some banks private stumbled in the repayment of depositors ' rights and showed the importance that Iraq has a solid organ bank serves the private sector contributes effectively to move the production wheel