Deputy for the Liberals: the need to examine the interrogation files before embarking out to strengthen the role of Parliament
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Liberal hired, Hussein al-Awadi, the need to study the interrogations file before proceeding with any official or minister in order to strengthen the role of Parliament, adding, "The Importance of Being interrogations within the constitutional contexts."

He said Al - Awadi told {Euphrates News} " The issue of questioning ministers and officials are correct case falls within the law and the Iraqi constitution, and within the regulatory measures on the work of the ministers to be more careful of corruption and breach of public money."
Felt " the importance of questioning ministers within the constitutional contexts and not exploit file interrogation to hit certain political bloc, or a personal target, parliament must be independent from the executive branch. "
He stressed that" be current interrogations professional Alahakh, calling "of the interrogation to the need to study the data interrogation to be professionally in order to take the real role of the parliament and be Rai General next parliament, as a watchdog institution took a real role, but does not give anything contrary as questioning Secretary of defense which included insulting and cursing and the consequences we see it weakened the role of the parliament. "
he said" we must interrogations be professional according far from the launch reckless accusations Constitution either by the Minister or the party conducting the interrogation. "
The parliament recently conducted questioning defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, and was accompanied by a wave of accusations of political differences, as the parliament was questioned on Thursday , Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari .anthy