Virtue warns of negative employment for the eighth article of the General Amnesty Law
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} warned virtue block, on Friday, the negative employment eighth article of the General Amnesty Law.
The bloc chairman Ammar Tohme said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that (fear) " the general amnesty law missed the safeguards facing the emergence of political pressure could exploit the public drafting specific limits and controls in Article VIII of it."

He added , "Perhaps entrust appreciation judicial committees to take the re - trial decision or the investigation is the abandonment of the legislative authority to assume its responsibilities in providing support and the assignment of a legal and ethical to spend in the face of the potential exposure to them in the stages of the application and implementation of the paragraphs of the general amnesty law of large pressures. "
he continued Tohme" so beware of the negative employment and benefit unjustified summed up the ambiguity of the limits of the powers contained in Article VIII and can consequent detrimental to security and stability results. "

the House of Representatives voted in its regular Thursday at the general amnesty law.
include Article VIII of the Amnesty Law" took the investigating judges and the competent courts applying the provisions of this law in cases before them through {30} thirty days and affected by the decision, appeal it through {30} thirty days from the date of issuance , to the Federal Court of discrimination with regard to crimes of felonies and in front of the Court of appeal as discriminatory with respect to misdemeanor crimes. "
as the article points out that "all claims covered by the provisions of this law , which gained its decisions have become final presented to the committee in paragraph {second} article {10} of this law for a decision within a period not exceeding {six months}."
include Article VIII as well , "each with a the interest of the appeal committee formed by the decision in the item {second} of this article before the Federal Court of Cassation, in relation to crimes of felonies and in front of the Court of appeal as discriminatory with respect to crimes of misdemeanors and infractions during {30} thirty days from the date of notification to the resolution, and on the committees formed under this notification law the depositor has sentenced or suspended, the decision issued by the division after the acquisition of peremptory ".anthy