Legal expert explains the offenses covered by the general amnesty
[Oan- Baghdad]
explained the legal expert Tareq Harb, a list of some crimes covered by the amnesty law, which was approved by the House of Representatives in its meeting on Thursday.
He said the war in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, said the crimes covered by the law, are:
1. distorting integrity: any crimes of financial and administrative corruption and the first of the crime of bribery and crimes that constitute 99% of the financial and administrative corruption crimes crimes crimes which do employee act or refrain from work for someone against the public interest [AD 331] and crimes of willful damage of public money [AD 340] and crimes damage negligence with public funds [AD 341] Thus , for crimes other financial and administrative corruption offenses of forgery of Othaq, certificates and seals and labels , whether fraud editor formal or editor informally with the exception of fraud and document for the post of director general or higher.
2. crimes against the honor: as a general amnesty covers offenses against statutory bodies and crimes against the course of justice and false complaint is malicious and misleading elimination of perjury and perjury and other crimes against honor crime of identity theft crimes and News functions and attributes.
3. functionary crimes: also includes amnesty decoding seals crimes and crimes damaging the editors and overcome the staff of the limits of their jobs and crimes of embezzlement , provided it is non - refundable and crimes thefts are generally subject to approval by the complainant and his abdication and crimes exploiting the influence of function such as buying real estate, seized and crimes revealed secrets and crimes contained in the Act political parties.
4 economic crimes: includes general amnesty smuggling offenses Alkmarki and crimes of the income tax and the crimes committed by al administration Act any economic crimes and crimes of the consumer Protection Act.
5 terror crimes: includes amnesty, terrorism , crimes where the law is a difference between terrorism crimes where there is no killing or disfiguring or damage to the armed forces or damage to public property and this is inclusive amnesty immediately likeness of kidnappings that did not result in murder or infirmity sustainable and crimes of belonging to a terrorist organization a crime to belong to Daesh the other terrorist crimes any crime where there is a murder or permanent disability or fall on the armed forces or located on public property . it is permissible for a retrial in. "
and the war that" the amnesty law shows that these crimes if it were judged based on a secret informant , or upon a claim only to torture or upon the testimony of another defendant , it may be a trial in which overall, men former regime are not covered by totaling less than twenty people who are sentenced to the High Criminal Court and other crimes , it can be inclusive amnesty directly unconditionally or inclusiveness retrial such as crimes of terrorist or after serving a third of the time and pay the remaining sum of ten thousand for each day crimes drug crimes and incest, sodomy, rape and human trafficking crimes and crimes Occlusive arms and special weapons offenses category either of these is they are covered by an amnesty unconditionally.