Parliamentary Legal confirm .. general amnesty law will not allow the exit of terrorists

BAGHDAD / ... A member of the legal committee in Parliament MP Mahmoud Hassan, on Wednesday , August 24, 2016, that fears of terrorists or out of the hands are stained with the blood of innocent enactment of the amnesty law is is not true.
Hassan said for "Eye Iraq News" that "there are some parties believe that the general amnesty law in its current form will allow the exit of the terrorists and impunity or creating chaos , which is not true." "The stated in the law may be excluded clearly terrorist crimes Awalven involved with the blood of innocent Iraqi people , which is an important issue everybody should check them to end those concerns they have." He said Hassan " The general amnesty law is one of the most important laws, which came tightly objective and other procedural formality, especially the false ones in Article VIII of the bill that showed topic in detail and gave the right of the courts through judicial committee formed under the law to re - audit judgments and decisions issued by the The courts that have gained have become final. "ended 3