Mutlaq US Ambassador discuss post "Daesh"

Search head of the Arab coalition , Saleh al - Mutlaq and the American ambassador to Iraq , Stuart Jones, on Thursday, Iraq 's political future and the post "Daesh , " while Jones stressed his country 's support for Iraq in its war against "terrorism" position.
Mutlaq said in a statement his office, said that the recent "Stuart Jones received the US Ambassador accredited to the Republic of Iraq and his accompanying delegation , " noting that the two sides "discussed the overall political and security situation and the war on Daesh and Iraq 's political future."
He said the office, that " the President of the Arab coalition in a frank interview focused on specific files , including financial and administrative corruption and ways to restore Iraq funds that were looted by the mafias corruption and economic threats that beset the Iraqi financial security."
He said the office, that "al - Mutlaq called on the United States and the international community to show support in this vital file and work on the hunt for the corrupt and benefit from international experiences in this field and to provide the necessary means for the success of the work of international teams."
He continued, " The two sides discussed the future of Iraq and the post - Daesh and how to confront the challenges that threaten the country 's unity and work to bring the reform community provides a national atmosphere contribute to the preservation of Iraq 's unity and makes them immune to the intentions of division and fragmentation."
The statement quoted US Ambassador Stuart Jones, "reaffirmed his country 's support for the Iraqi people in its war against terrorism position."