National has accused the central bank and the currency is the "window of thieves and corrupt" auction
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o Baghdad / term
Emphasized national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Monday, the dollar exchange rate in the domestic market management is a "window of thieves and corrupt", and pointed out that the currency anywhere auction "for wasting money and leaking Iraqi balance across the mafias money laundering", as he was concerned the determination to continue auction currency policy despite the warnings and recommendations of experts, called for the inclusion of the Central Bank reforms approved by the House of Representatives.
According to a statement, the national coalition, she received a "long", a copy of it, that " the dollar in the domestic market prices of management is the muggers window and the corrupt who make their living on the difference between the official exchange rate with the parallel market, "he returned to" the so - called auction currency is non - existent in countries that adopt the practice of a market economy, and proved experimentally that they lead to a waste of money without supervision. " He was the national coalition, "concern of the central bank 's determination to continue the auction policy , currency and management of dollar in market prices, despite the experts ' reports on the need to reform this policy, which refers to the mismanagement that lead to leakage of Iraq 's financial balance across the mafias launder money deplete foreign exchange reserves, and in the critical economic and financial conditions seriously. "