A member of the parliamentary Economy: Iraq's economy in decline despite the adoption of laws
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said in the economic and investment commission parliamentary member, said that " the Iraqi economy since 2003 and so far in decline, despite the adoption of laws and its own facilities provided to him."
And between Harith Chanchal, he told all of Iraq [where] announced today that " the economy and so far is in decline because of the obstacles it faces, and from there trying to destroy the country industrially and agriculturally," adding that " the country seemed phase progress toward changing officials , others with skills for the purpose of the occupation positions in these ministries in order to change and reform. "
He said the " reforms Abadi , even though it 's slow but real thought came from commissions studied the file and follow the biography work Hola officials ", calling for" the elimination of the influence of people with forged certificates for the Liberation of the national economy, to allow to the people of this country who have the talent, "adding that " the laws are good , but supervisors are people [traitors], "he said.
He said Chanchal that" agriculture and industry were Tsdan local need and surplus of them exported abroad. "
" the government has granted 5 billion dollars, and then five trillion dinars, adding trillion one, had to be exploited in the development of small, medium and large factories to push the construction and progress wheel forward, but some banks managers have to disrupt the citizens who wish to measures with loans to develop small and medium industries. "
said committee member economy and investment representative that "there are seminars and Aivadt outside the country acted upon millions of dollars without interest."
Iraq has witnessed a severe financial crisis due to declining steep oil prices.
the Ministry of planning, in the atheist th of July, for skipping Iraq to stage the most dangerous in crisis economic, and that the world 's confidence is growing in the Iraqi economy.
he said the economic advisor to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said that " the Iraqi economy is gradually recovering, but slowly."
facing Iraq 's financial crisis since the fall of oil prices in July 2014, which was formed and imports 95% of the budget, conducted on the impact of government austerity policy to reduce costs and provide the necessary resources and taking international loans to secure the war on terror kits Daesh gangs, pay employees ' salaries. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=46589