Abadi destroy OPEC efforts statement is Muwaffaq .. and cause a new drop in prices

BAGHDAD / Habib Marwan.
World oil prices deteriorated again on Wednesday, after it recorded a decline last, against the backdrop of statements launched by the Prime Minister, "Haider al-Abadi," on Tuesday. Abadi's remarks during which he declared, that Iraq has not yet reached the production capacity of the full, and it continues to increase, then returning to emphasize that the country does not wish to participate in the process of freezing the proposed exports by OPEC, has caused a sharp decline in prices, as a result of market optimism increased future and declining demand. It is said that OPEC, intentionally every time rates go down in a sharp level, do launch permit or preparing for the conference to vote on the freeze, raising fears of a supply decline in the oil market, Vtsab prices kind of recovery, but this time, came Abadi's remarks " unfortunate, "to infect OPEC helpless, and completely destroy its bid.