The draft amnesty law will be presented for a vote at Thursday's meeting to amend Article VIII

2016/08/24 16:35

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Legal Committee representative revealed, Wednesday, for the continuation of the dispute between the National Alliance and the Union of Forces on Article VIII of the paragraphs of the General Amnesty Law, and as shown, the Committee will be presented law and the paragraph proposed by the coalition to vote on Thursday, confirmed that the House of Representatives would have a final opinion to this topic .

The committee member said Kamel al-Zaidi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The differences still exist between the Iraqi forces union and the National Alliance on the amnesty law," noting that "the alliance has reservations strongly to pass Article VIII of the paragraphs of the law without any amendment and introduced of the legal Committee a proposal to modify it. "

Zaidi said that "the coalition's proposal to amend Article VIII of the law through Recheck trial papers telling through confidential informant exclusively," noting that "the coalition refuses to re-try those accused of terrorism, article four and made a reservation to this paragraph."

Zaidi added that "the Union of Iraqi forces insist on not to amend Article VIII of the law that allows re knitwear accused according to Article Four of terrorism," adding that "the Legal Committee felt at the end of its meeting to discuss the implications of the amnesty law, which long for more than five hours to put an end rivalry-based submission of a proposed new National Alliance and the provisions of Article VIII to a vote in the House of Representatives. "

A member of the legal committee of parliamentary that "the Commission of law will be submitted to vote in Thursday's session will be presented Article VIII first two proposals submitted by the coalition and who spends reviewing the case documents, while powers Union calls for not modifying the eighth article that requires re-investigation," explaining that "the House of Representatives is It will determine and vote to choose one of these proposals. "

And the voice of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, to postpone the vote on the amnesty law to tomorrow, Thursday, at the request of the Legal Committee.

The National Alliance was decided during a meeting on Tuesday not to vote on the amnesty law, as called for postponing the vote on the law until the compatibility of all its clauses.

The General Amnesty Law of the most important political program which was agreed upon between the political blocs to form a government in Hhler September of 2014 items.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives passed in the year 2008, the general amnesty act which released thousands of detainees at the time, but he met a broad objections by some political parties being contributed to the release of some of the leaders of al Qaeda in a timely manner.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Representatives held on Tuesday (August 23, 2016), held its 13th legislative term of the first third legislative year, while the agenda of the meeting included the completion of the interrogation Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, and vote on the four laws.