Refund appeal by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Commission of integrity on the issue of al-Jabburi

2016/8/24 15:28

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} specialized criminal court responded to issues of integrity, the appeal by Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obaidi, head of the integrity Commission of Hassan Al-yasiri issue speaker Selim Jabouri.

Document issued by the judiciary received a copy of {Euphrates news} today that specialized criminal court integrity issues as discriminatory a second body on 24/8/2016 formed presiding Bashar Ahmed Mohamed and Khaled Habib and judges membership Hossam Abdel Rasoul Jaber who are authorized to destroy in the name of the people and the Court issued its ruling, which contained the first distinguished Chief integrity add to his job and a college employee mail sorters jurist Bender, featured II Khalid Yasin tired complainant {Defense Secretary} Deputy Attorney great_g1ng3, featured investigative body issued resolution case {1214 s 1/2016} dated 9/8/2016 and defendant Selim Jabouri, dated 9/8/2016 fairness judge issued a decision to close the investigation temporarily based on article 130/b almeizan not convinced fundamentalism resolution appeal request first hopefuls discrimination dated 11/8/2016 and the second dated 16/8/2016 presented papers on the prosecution request for list of numbered 720, 16/8/2016 believe resolution Featured position papers developed audit and deliberation. "

"The Commission issued its decision, which included the scrutiny and debate noted that two sponsors motions one theme emerged and unification decided within legal period he decided to accept a form and have the kindness to consider resolution featured it was found as the reasons and rationale for integer and OK the law decided to believe contained discriminatory appeal decision rendered by agreement under the provisions of article 265 fundamentalist 24/8/2016".