The bombing of the Daesh Bjrabuls .. and Turkish forces in connection with the incursion in Syria

It said sources in Turkey, on Wednesday morning, the special forces are on the verge of a Turkish incursion into Syrian territory, as part of a process launched by Ankara with the support of the international coalition and the participation of the Free Syrian Army to expel Daesh of Jarablos.
A senior Turkish official, who requested anonymity, Turkish military sources said a group of Turkish special forces already entered into northern Syria, but the incursion has not yet begun and work is under way to open a corridor for the crossing.
Field Syrian sources confirmed that more than a thousand fighters from the Free Syrian Army Sintalegon from Turkish territory also to share the process, pointing also to involve the Turkish army , "dozens of heavy military vehicles."
The sources explained that "tanks and armored personnel carriers and minesweepers" involved in the process, " the addition of officers and members of the Turkish special forces .. providing logistical and advisory support free Army Poster" also Jarablos battle.
The Turkish media said the campaign aims to purge the Turkish - Syrian border from terrorist organizations, and to secure that border , which shares control of Kurdish groups and the other belonging to the opposition as well as Daesh.
The Office of the Turkish prime minister, he declared, in a statement, said that " the Turkish armed forces and the air forces of the international coalition launched a military operation aimed at clearing Jarabulus District province of Aleppo Daesh terrorist."
It will factions of the Free Army, with the support of the Turkish special forces and under air and artillery cover from Turkey and the international coalition led by Washington, to defeat Daesh of the city to the east of the city of Aleppo, northern Syria.
The sources confirmed that Turkish artillery began pounding Daesh sites across the border in conjunction with the start of air strikes and ground incursions, in the framework of the campaign , which comes after the success of Kurdish forces in the liberation of other border city of the militant group.
The units protect the Kurdish people, which form the backbone of the democratic forces of Syria, it has also succeeded with the support of the international coalition, on the Edit Manbej most areas of the city in the countryside of eastern Aleppo, near the Turkish border.
The Uttar progress People's Protection Units, which are seen as belonging to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, which worry Ankara locked for years in an armed conflict with the Kurdistan Workers ' Party, and push it to change its priorities in Syria