Lebanese newspapers secrets issued on Wednesday 24/08/2016

Secrets of the most prominent Lebanese newspapers on Wednesday 24/08/2016
Heading the Ministry of Finance to exempt newly founded Association of fees attributable to the annex to vital government in a major city, you will use to organize festivals.
Contact Ambassador Arab state assistant senior political official in the hope to communicate with one prominent leaders of the political party.
Deliberately southern political figure received the news of the publication of the mayor of a city, at the time apologized for the reception of religious political delegation, arguing that no time has.
Minister failed to secure a garage in the building of the Ministry of return assumed by causing confusion for the citizens in the completion of their transactions.
A senior political source in the March 8 forces said he was on the "Free Patriotic Movement" that lingers over this time before embarking Bouktoath escalating.
Hand over wanted men began operations in the Ain al- Hilweh refugee camp security authorities themselves yourself interesting , diplomats and ambassadors to know the backgrounds of this process.
It shows that current treatments between the Maronite Church and the Islamic Shiite Supreme Council for the cause of Lhasa may not provide a fundamental solution to this issue.
The news
Burini «step down» to his son
Former MP Wajih Burini decided to retire from politics and popular, to take follow - up action , rather than his son , Walid , who benefit from the service - wide facilities granted them ministers of the Free Patriotic Movement and the March 8. Walid Burini also has facilities service - banner «in the security sector.»
«Community» incite rustic
It worsened the relationship between too much and Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi and Jemaah Islamiyah for two reasons: First, it is the special relationship that binds a country the United Arab Emirates, the first enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world. The second induction of some supporters of the group on a rustic, on the back of technical festival hosted by the Assembly run by his wife Adib sound that greets «three singers Shiites» according to the terms used by the instigators of the rustic.
Workshop partisan in the «Arab Democratic»
The Arab Democratic Party partisan workshop, will be concluded at the end to form a new political office and put a political document «based on intellectual convictions themselves, in terms of adhering to Bakmutena and our resistance. No change in the constants, but Tarabulsia We want to reach out to all, so as to ensure communication with the various forces, to prevent the occurrence of any problematic in the future », according to a member of the political bureau of the Democratic Arab Ali silver. The party sees in this step «interest to us so that we are more present and organized to demand the rights of the community.»
East of a diplomat in a special Council confirms that his country had decided to hold consultations with the leaders of Christian parties in search of exits to the crisis in Lebanon.
It ended the honeymoon between the senior minister and the governor of a major city, for reasons still under follow - up.
Embarrassed parliamentary bloc closest ally, said in the statement that came out after the last meeting, seeking pragmatic attitude to his side ?!
Ambassador major country reported high constitutional reference that his country was not prepared to take any initiative on the presidential level , what did not touch the preparation for Lebanese to respond.
Wave of optimism about the possibility of the support of Arab countries counterbalanced by a presidential candidates declined.
Political circles noted that the senior diplomat in charge of a major state ruled out of Lebanon in a tour of several countries in the region.
The former minister asked a colleague whether he fits the description of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal , the Republican candidate for the US presidency of Donald Trump as «ungrateful»? He answered: I will not be surprised if this adjectival descriptions as long as the criteria adopted by the Saudi princes is not based only on the sale and purchase base, primarily the sale and purchase of consciences ...!