Deputy warns of rise in the budget deficit in 2017 to more than 24 trillion dinars

2016/8/23 22:31

[Oan- Baghdad]

National Alliance MP, Ali Faisal al-Fayad, the high deficit in the budget for fiscal 2017, warned of more than 24 trillion dinars.

He called hospitality in the oil and energy parliamentary is a member, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "the government to expand the non-oil revenue department and reduce the expenditure sections in the budget next year calling for the concerned authorities to activate the role of income-generating sectors such as industry, agriculture and tourism while minimizing expenditures on unnecessary projects and reducing government expenditures in addition to take serious and determined in the fight against corruption and thieves of public money who plundered the country's resources over the years that have passed measures. "

He warned al-Fayad, "the high deficit in 2017 to more than 24 trillion dinars if the government did not take the steps that we have mentioned," explaining that "grave mistake which impact on the budgets of Iraq's dependence on oil revenue by up to about 95 percent to cover the expenses of the State with negligence other sectors ".

The Council of Ministers, has devoted its meeting on Tuesday to discuss the financial budget for 2017, the proposed law on the version provided by the Ministry of Finance and the amendments have been discussed extensively and reached the final stages of submitting the bill to the House of Representatives. "

The Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi, during a press conference held the day after the cabinet meeting, that "the 2017 budget suffers from a significant fiscal deficit due to lack of oil imports, compared with a rise of employees and retirees salary cap," adding that the government "set the price of $ 35 per barrel of oil within the 2017 budget ".

Abadi pointed to "the allocation of functional levels of the health sector and the local police and the popular crowd in Mosul," he sought the Council of Ministers to submit the budget to the House of Representatives next September 10 before. "