Parliamentary Legal reveal material that has postponed the vote on the "general amnesty"

Tuesday 23 August 2016 | 20:15
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BAGHDAD / .. revealed the parliamentary legal committee, on Tuesday, all the material that caused the postponement of the vote on the draft general amnesty law session, while explained that the drafting of the article "re-trial" is the reason for the delay.

He said committee member Rep. Hamdiya Husseini's "Eye of Iraq News," that "most of the political blocs intent today to go to vote and approve this year's amnesty law," indicating that "the reason for the postponement of a vote session, is the formulation of a single substance of it."

The MP added that "the parties have agreed to most of the points in the bill," pointing out that "the drafting of Article (retrial) and allowed his reinstatement, which is caused by the dispute and then led to the postponement."

The parliamentary legal committee, unveiled Tuesday, for the disagreement over the wording of a general amnesty law materials caused delay it to next Thursday. is over