Former oil Minister proposes the formation of a Commission of experts to amend the oil and gas to resolve problem around
Date: Sunday, 22-04-2012 08: 13 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Former oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr Al-Ulum neutral Commission formed to amend the oil and gas, the fact that the survival of the current law without approval will notably political problems between the Governments of the region and the Centre.
Ulum said (News News Agency): the adoption of the law of oil and gas has become an urgent need to resolve all political differences in the country nor can keep the Government working for the same territory works for the situation regarding oil and gas without a law regulating work and grant counties, their territory from oil.
He added: the solution must come from within the country through the formation of a neutral Committee composed of experts expected significant oil to modify or add paragraphs to suit territory and governorates in order to produce a result satisfactory to all parties and is raising law to the Sejm vote, because survival without adoption will increase political differences in the country.
Former oil Minister: Iraqi people are impartial large expertise in the area of foreign oil and experiences could be hired to reach a common formula for the law of oil and gas to pass, calling the need for recourse to the Constitution in everything being a national ceiling is ytkheim by all politicians.