Deputy for Basra calling for the abolition of its fertilizer production plant shutdown

2016-08-23 at 16:38

Baghdad scales news

Basra Deputy called Mazen Al-Mazini, Tuesday, the Ministerial Energy Commission to reverse its decision to stop production at the Basra fertilizer factory which produces 110-1200 tons.

Mazini said in a press conference held several Deputy Basra inside the House and his presence/balance of news/Ministerial Energy Commission, ordered the cessation of the production of fertilizer plant in Basra, who is 3600 employees and self-funding system works, "stating that" stop lab work means cutting the livelihoods of 3600 family while the country suffers from a severe financial crisis. "

He added that "Al-Mazini Cabinet Committee decision is the inability to provide energy for the production of 45 mkomk per 24 hours," pointing out that "production will be industry in Iraq neglected".

He demanded, "the parliamentary resolution to stop what he called irresponsible behaviour by the Ministerial Energy Commission advisers that current production plant between 1100-1200 tons of urea.

He explained that "the amount of gas needed by the plant is 45 mkomk only and that gas production in the southern gas is 1630 mkomk and the amount invested 640 mkomk and the rest burned in the air."

He noted that "the Department of agriculture contracted with neighbouring States for importing urea in bulk from Qatar and Iran, there are large amounts of stock in fertilizer plant in Basra an estimated 25 tons and are stacked in warehouses."