Abbadi: balancing a large financial deficit to 2017 and call on Parliament to approve the amnesty law {Extender}

: 2016/8/23 18:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister Haider Abadi that balancing a large financial deficit to 2017 with another called on the House to approve the amnesty law.

Abadi said at a press conference held in his Office in Baghdad and was attended by correspondent {Euphrates News} Tuesday, that "balancing 2017 assigned functional degrees in the health sector and the local police and the crowd in Mosul," Noting that "there is considerable international cooperation with Iraq to fight corruption and detect corrupt."

He concluded, "is priced 35 dollars a barrel in 2017 balancing", stating that "balancing financial deficit to 2017 due to lack of oil imports versus ceiling height staff salaries and retirees".

"The combat capability of the Islamic State after killing bands dropped hundreds of them in different breakers".

The Turkish forces on our territory without an invitation from the Iraqi Government among the Iraqi Government approved the amnesty law we invite Parliament to approve it.