Parliament votes on bills and read a report on the results of the investigation to the Karrada bombing {Extender}

2016/8/23 16:17

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its thirteenth regular headed by Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council attend 214 deputies Tuesday on two, and finished reading a report on the results of the investigation concerning the terrorist bombing in Karada.

According to a statement to the House of representatives received a copy of {Euphrates news} "at the beginning of the meeting presented the Jabouri House condolences for Deputy DG death of her son and lawmaker Ezzedine State with the death of his brother and Deputy Abdul Jabbar has a soft, the death of his brother.

The Council voted to postpone the voting was completed on draft law on amnesty, or from the legal and human rights committees to work out their bill in all its aspects to a hearing next Thursday.

The speaker commended the considerable efforts made by the legal Committee to complete the Bill by hosting two experts, calling on the Commission to use all the experience required to complete the Bill, noting that the Bill is considered an extraordinary tolerance without overtaking on crimes that have been committed.

The Council voted on the proposed law abolishing the dissolved Revolution Command Council resolution {80} 2000 number of legal, health and environment committees to removed the need for resolution that earmarks awarded to doctors was organized State employees salaries Act No 22 of 2008.

The Board completed voting on the proposed law abolishing the dissolved Revolution Command Council resolution number {213} for 2002 and of legal, health and environment committees which comes to confirm that Iraqis are equal in rights and duties and the lack of class discrimination and repeal consequential hospitals and clinics affiliated to Presidential Office.

Then the Council voted on a request by the Chairman of the Commission on human rights to postpone the vote in principle a draft law victims justice.

Turning to complete procedures for article {61} who Constitution and rules of procedure regarding current and Minister of defence, the President said that the House of representatives after the vote at the previous meeting not convinced Defense Secretary answers in the interrogation session must complete question about trusting Khaled Obeidi Defense Secretary after a week to make a decision on this matter, alluding to a demand for a number of deputies to postpone the complete questioning of Secretary of Defense until the completion of judicial proceedings and the sensitivity of security conditions for liberalization of Nineveh, indicating a request Another of the 64 deputies to display no-confidence vote on defense in front of the House.

Then the Council President to postpone the vote to complete questioning of Secretary of defense because of the disruption of the quorum.

Meanwhile, Attorney Abdul Rahman Committee report membership rocket and parliamentary development on display requests to lift the immunity of gentlemen of Deputies, Parliamentary Commission proposal based on Member's Commission of judges and lawyers to study the case files requests for waiver of immunity and identifying applications that live up to the felony classification and consideration of the circumstances and the merits of each case.

And in the interventions of representatives, the lawmaker Jabar Al-Abadi to the need to strengthen the Committee with additional deputies to be the broadest representation and receive recommendations with greater confidence.

Attorney drew Awad Awadi to requests of the Commission lacked clarity and tainted by hazy about the reasons for the waiver.

Mp Mohsen saadun not to inform the legal Committee report for making the right decision, pointing to the need to review the report.

The Council voted on the Commission's recommendations that include raising the Commission proposed to the Council all requests that are based on charges of forming a felony in the Commission's opinion strengthened legal description in each case separately and if the Committee decided to request to lift the immunity of one of the gentlemen deputies meet his terms for the Commission to raise the presidential authority was requested to include the request on the agenda in a maximum period of one week from the date of receipt to the Member will be notified to immunity in the hearing date three days ago.

With the Member grants immunity to an opportunity to talk about the merits of the case and then displays the application to the Board for a final decision, "Noting that" provisions applicable to the immunity requests received during the legislative recess the Committee in this case its recommendations to the President of the Council to decide that the Member is granted the opportunity to review his case to the President of the Council before the President made his decision.

Then followed the Committee for security and defence report on the blasts of terrorists in Elk uniqueness.

And in the interventions of representatives, asked the Attorney Crescent sahlani knowing detachment capacity investigative committee {k 9} in the inspection rules to detect explosive materials used in car bombs.

Mp Hassan Salim stressed the need to activate the damaged document to the project of the Ministry of the Interior to detect booby wheels to curb bombings.

He felt the Attorney riboar that altodahi video altokiat free time, wondering how to tell the Committee that the car passing through the control which was detonated in Karrada district.
Mp Abdel Salam Al-Maliki invited to view professionally facts and accurate conclusion to reach an honest fair results for victims ' rights.

Turn bright mp stressed the importance of a fight is cooperation and coordination among security agencies to share information and reach the perpetrators.

Zainab mp criticized Arif Baghdad operations command role in the optical security system being demonstrated inability to maintain the security of the capital.

Mp Awad noted that Karrada bombing Awadi falls within the genocide perpetrated by terrorist Islamic State to alluding to the materials used in the bombing cannot be effective in place of blasting, inquiring about the reasons for not hiring international experts to investigate the incident.

The Attorney noted the importance of resorting to Samurai mutasher rabee ' Al-specialized commissions from outside in the Karrada bombing investigation.

And Deputy Ammar tastes that the Committee's report contained considerable evidence about the accident but the car bombs outside Baghdad needs more scrutiny and pursuing a terrorist in the outskirts of Baghdad incubators.

Attorney alkherbit student invited to be an accurate and comprehensive Commission report details crime to clarify the facts in front of the Iraqi people.

In its reply to interventions, investigative Committee confirmed the Karrada bombing she enlisted local qualified experts were also sent the report to the US side currently being pursued, noting that the investigation on the incident is still going on by the Government ", adding that" a very thorough report contains information about the incident.

For his part, the President of the Council spoke highly of the efforts made by the Committee in charge of the investigation, calling to complete work in Balad bombing investigation decide to adjourn the meeting to Thursday 25/8/2016.